Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I lived in Alaska long enough to recognize the symptoms of gold fever.  It is sort of a chill that turns into a sparkle in the eyes and then the grin that goes with I found something valuable with my own ingenuity. Gold fever appears to have infected the commodities markets.

Mars Rules Fevers and Leo Rules Gold
One technique for finding gold in Alaska is to wait for the flooding Yukon river water to recede and then follow along the river banks looking for quartz crystals then following them to their source. Sometimes you find little flakes of gold and sometimes you just have to continue hiking.  There are lots of other techniques.

Mars' Transits through Leo in the Past
Mars transits Leo about every two years and once in a while it retrogrades in Leo. In 1978 and 1995 Mars spent part of its retrograde period in Leo. Sometimes Mars was in Leo for eight months from October 1962-June 1963(Dow 577-716) and the previous eight month stay was October 1930-June 1931 ( Dow 214-137)where it spent part of the retrograde in Cancer as it did in 1852 (California gold inflation).  It is a 79 year cycle. This time Mars will spend its entire retrograde pass in Leo, Oct 15, 2009- June 7, 2010.  (Dow starts at 10,062 ) 

All That Glitters Isn't Gold.
Leo ruled stuff will gain energy during the transit of Mars.  Wearable art such as hair jewelry, glitter on shirts and hats will gain popularity. Decorative arts and crafts for the home will entertain families throughout the winter. Folks will add music and exercise to their favorite home games.  Just playing and sharing family fun will be popular.

The popularity of recreational vehicles will surprise everyone. Outdoor entertainment is relatively cheap and folks will find various ways to relieve cabin fever. It is a way to have fun and avoid crowds. Owners of parks and stadiums may be forced to find interesting new ways to use their properties.

Entertainment is changing dramatically as folks check out various games available for non geeks. Others will try reality games such as trading stocks with virtual online offers from the various electronic trading platforms.

Playing with the Aphorisms of Financial Astrology
I had fun with our collection of Dow 30 stocks which you can buy separately or in The Textbook for Financial Astrology 3 just paging through.  I always look through for eclipses to corporate planets. The July 11, 2010 eclipse is hitting 19 companies. Not too strange when you consider that to be successful in a Cancer country you would need a planet or two in Cancer.


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