Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jupiter Direct Dow 10,000

Jupiter officially turned direct early in the morning of October 13, 2009.

The Dow officially ended October 14, 2009 above 10,000 the first time since October 2008.  

Jupiter direct usually pushes the markets up five days before until about five days after direct motion.  The markets will then flatten out as they will get confused when Saturn changes signs on October 29. 

Jupiter stations at 17 degrees Aquarius for several days, picks up speed and by January 18, 2010 moves into the sign Pisces. Last chance to get old tech toys.  New ones or lots of upgrades will hit the markets Fall 2010. 

Gadgets are on Sale
Aquarius rules technology therefore consumers who were guarded in their enthusiasm for the current crop of gadgets that plug into the grid will release their guard and become enthusiastic bargain hunters.  There will be an abundant supply of these products for sale and you can expect deep discounts on most products described at electronics. 

Jupiter also produces an abundant supply of products ruled by the opposite sign Leo. Leo rules products under the Leisure sector. If you need a vacation be sure to sign up for a cruise or a spa or a resort before January.  

Jupiter Squared
In The TextBook for Financial Astrology  3 I talk about the phenomena of Jupiter squared. Whatever sign is square to sign Jupiter is currently transiting will have a demand for their products. 

Taurus squares Aquarius and the sectors ruled by Taurus are agriculture and banks (loans) Scorpio is also square Aquarius and rules insurance, death and taxes. I know taxes are in short supply but not sure how that translates into a product that is for sale. Insurance is selling for higher premiums because of the uncertain value of currency. 

Start Thinking Pisces
Jupiter at 17 Aquarius is the point where the Jupiter square effect begins.  Jupiter will move 13 degrees before it starts its transit of Pisces. Now is the time to begin to research the various sectors ruled by Pisces. Investors Business Daily lists stocks by sectors.  Some Pisces sectors are Energy, Chemicals, Alcohol and Tobacco. The question then is which one of the stocks on their list is best of breed and/or set to take advantage of an abundant supply of their product. For example will BUD or TAP win the sales growth wars?

Jupiter will transit Pisces throughout 2010 and the opposite sign is Virgo. One sector ruled by Virgo is medical supplies. Is J&J the best of breed? 

Ok lets go to the sectors that promise to increase in price because they lack supply and are in demand by the cash carrying public. Gemini sectors are Telecom and Transportation and Sagittarius sectors are Aerospace and Media.

Turn on your Research Mouse
The next difficult planetary aspect is Saturn square Pluto on November 15 and this one aspect tends to stress political events. However it can present a buying opportunity if you have done your research and patiently wait for just the right price. Besides Investors Business Daily and Yahoo Financial you might narrow your list of stocks even further with a trial subscription toGrace Morris's Newsletter.


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